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Meet Whitney

Whitney is a trained birth doula who is passionate about reclaiming birth practices and empowered birth experiences with her community.


She completed her birth doula training with The Birth Well in 2021, but her birth work journey started in 2019 when she was pregnant with her daughter Reza. Herbs are an important part of Whitney’s personal healing, well-being, and doula practice, and she is happy to share what she has learned from her studies to support clients.


Whitney is also an experienced public health professional, avid researcher, and advocate. She has worked in public health for 13 years and her background is in community health assessment and improvement planning, health equity, early childhood, mental health, and Black maternal health research. She is a consultant and co-founder of Noël Collective with her husband Reginald Noël, a consulting firm that provides data analysis, research, and public health consulting services.

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