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Doula Support

I have supported over 500 births as a Birth Doula, Birth Assistant and Labor & Delivery RN. I know that continuous, knowledgeable support can drastically impact the birth experience, length of labor and overall outcome.

39 %

decrease in the risk of Cesarean

15 %

increase in the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth


decrease in the use of any medications for pain relief


decrease in the abby's risk of a low five minute Apgar score


decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience

Shorter labors by 11 minutes on average

Doula Support

Our doula services include one on one support from the moment that the contract is signed. From that point on, we are officially on call for you. We will always be available by text to answer any questions.

We will have one virtual prenatal, two in-person prenatals and one in person postpartum meeting. Each meeting is 1-2 hours long. Each client receives a welcome package and discounts on additional services.


Virtual Doula Support

Virtual Doula Support includes 2 Virtual prenatal meetings, full availability for text check ins, on call virtual birth support, and 1 virtual postpartum meeting.

Virtual birth support looks like your doula being present via google meet for the duration of your labor, offering recommendations on comfort measures, position changes, pushing strategies, and explanations on interventions and more. 

Each Client receives a welcome package and discounts on additional services.

Virtual Doula
Doula Support
Doula Consulting

Doula Consulting

This service is created for clients who don't want a doula, but want their chosen support person to act as a doula, while also being able to access the knowledge, experience and resources that I offer.

Doula consultant services include text support during office hours, as well as one virtual prenatal and one in-person prenatal that will include education on comfort measures. One virtual postpartum is also available.

In-person birth support and on-call services are not included. Each Client receives discounts on additional services.

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